Pawhill Pet Spaw​​

Welcome to Pawhill Pet Spaw

We are a local, cage-free pet styling salon. Our stylists are experienced and caring.
We offer full-service trims, bath & tidy services and everything in between. 
We book by appointment and offer walk-in nail clipping and dremeling.

From the hand scissored and breed specific show clips, to the family friendly lower maintenance pet clips, 
our experienced, educated and talented styling professionals will exceed your expectations.  

Styling prices are competitive and fair and are based on the time as well as type of service you desire.  

Because of factors such as your pets breed and size or weight, the condition of the coat, the type of coat,  as well as their temperament, we will not list our pricing or quote firm pricing by phone.  We encourage you to call and discuss your needs and concerns.  We are always happy to answer your questions, give you a price range, and will invite you to stop in along with your furry family members to check us out.  Our team can then discuss and determine a price.

Our styling and techniques....

We have a full line of "by appointment" professional  spaw services. But...What sets Pawhill Pet Spaw's styling services apart from other establishments?   Please read on for just a few of the many reasons.

Only proper bathing and drying techniques can result in amazing styling results!

It's never "just a bath" at Pawhill!  By using only the highest quality and earth friendly products along with our  hydro-surge bathing systems the results are always squeaky clean and relaxed pets.  

During bath time, your pet will experience a pleasant massaging action spray producing a vigorous, deep cleaning combing spray of shampoos and conditioners.  This deep penetrating action oxygenates skin and calms pets while removing dirt, loose hair, dead skin and more while bathing.

Our "Happy Hoodie" hand-drying process is the only technique we use.  This process allows us to examine every inch of your pets coat and skin alerting us to any abnormalities. Your  pets will never be cage-dryed.  It is Pawhill's opinion that cage drying is out-dated and can be a very dangerous practice.

We hand-dry your pets coat with a variety of fluff dryers and high velocity dryers which do not contain  heating elements. Because dogs hearing is amplified over 10 times compared to that of humans, we protect them by placing a soft comfortable terrycloth band over their ears. This not only dramatically reduces the noise level, the material also absorbs moisture and helps dry their ears and head which greatly reduces stress during the drying process.  

We only use state-of-the-art pet styling equipment in each step of the styling process.  This includes our clipper-vac systems which keep our clippers and blades cool, preventing any chance of clipper burn or painful irritation to your pet's skin.