How to Choose Guinea Pig Cages

If you would like to have a healthy and happy guinea pig then it is important that you have a large enough cage for the Guinea Pig along with room for its feed bowl, toys, bedding area and room for it to run around. One can find quite a few guinea pig cages sold today which can be too undersized for a Guinea Pigs requirements, that are; exercise, play, socializing, sleeping and eating. Below you will see some guidelines on the way to make your guinea pig comfy and what to look for before deciding on a guinea pig cage.

There is certainly no point in having a big guinea pig cage and that is bare. A large cage lacking the necessary accessories is going to be boring for the Guinea Pig, and it's going to in the end have a harmful effect on their physical and psychological condition, your Guinea Pig distressed. The guinea pig cage must be completely enclosed to keep your guinea pig in and the cat or dog out. Include bedding and tunnel's and near to the ground ramps although pet guinea pigs aren't agile and do not climb very well, however they do need places to play, explore and exercise. Keeping all this in mind, and refilling food and water - your Guinea Pig is certain to be pleased and healthy.

The safest cages are made from plastic, stainless steel, wire, or a mixture of these materials. Wood cages are easily chewed through and glass cages don't provide sufficient exposure to air and may also crack easily and injure your Guinea Pig/s. Do not use wire meshing as the flooring to your Guinea Pig's cage as housing your Guinea Pig's in a cage with a wire mesh floor is placing them at risk. Pet guinea pigs have really sensitive and thin-skinned feet and the wire can slice their feet or give them a condition known as Bumblebee. This is when the paw of the Guinea swells up much bigger than its usual size and is very painful to the Guinea. So if your cage has a wire floor, which many do, make sure to cover it with cage mats.

It is a good idea when getting a Guinea, to also get it a cage mate. In the wild, guinea pigs live in herds, consisting of usually one dominant adult male, several females and their babies. Guinea Pigs would much rather live as a pair or a herd, they feel that there is safety in numbers. They also enjoy the company of their own kind, communicating and interacting with each other. Both males and females have a strict dominance ranking. The domestic pet guinea pigs act in much the same way as wild guinea pigs.

Of course before you attempt to introduce guinea pigs to each other, you need to be sure 100% that you identify the gender of your guinea's. Please do not rely on pet shops, many pet shops do get the gender wrong. Many even allow mixed sexes to interact and live together so some sows may already be expecting.


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